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Vineyards & Winery

Vineyards: Three Daisies

The Three Daisies Vineyard is a small cabernet vineyard owned by Brookdale on the Silverado Trail. This vineyard was planted by Mike Seitz in 2001, with the first harvest in 2004. Three Daisies Vineyard is special for many reasons. First, it was the first property Brookdale ever owned, having full responsibility for the grapes from planting through harvest. Secondly, the vines are tenderly cared for throughout the growing season by me and Charlie (and the help of good friend Oscar Renteria). And finally, the grapes are hand-picked by my family and friends each harvest. On ‘harvest day’ for Three Daisies Vineyard we all gather with picking knives and bins, pick out our row to harvest, and get to work. We follow the grapes to the crush pad and assist with the crushing, too. It’s a day for us to really get in the field and see what harvest, and producing wine is all about. It is truly about our love for Mike, and Brookdale Vineyards. 

Harvest 2005