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Soda Canyon Store

Kristi, along with her sister Gina Ergun and longtime friend Bonnie Mott, co-owns the Soda Canyon Store.  Constructed in 1946, the historic Soda Canyon Store is a true family affair for co-owners Bonnie, Gina & Kristi. Soda Canyon Store is located on Silverado Trail in Napa and remains the only store on the Trail between Napa and Calistoga for coffee, lunch, snacks, beverages and of course, wine!  It is a comfortable and approachable store within the Napa Valley and continues to foster neighborly spirit for patrons from all walks of life; all centered around a bountiful offering of healthful, delicious handmade offerings.


SafeRide Wine Tours

Kristi and her husband Brian Banducci, along with business partner and friend Bill Francis co-own SafeRide Wine Tours.

SafeRide Wine Tours is operated by retired law enforcement officers who worked together serving Napa County and the Wine Country their entire careers. Owners, Bill Francis and Brian Banducci retired from law enforcement in 2013, after 30 years of service. In 2016, they established SafeRide, a wine tour and transportation company which allows them to use their law enforcement background, knowledge and experience to provide their guests with a safe, professional and unforgettable Wine Country Excursion.

SafeRide Wine Tours specializes in creating original and unique wine tours customized to your every need. They have established relationships with many small, family-owned and operated wineries and are allowed special access and privileges often not available to the general public. Bring your own pre-planned itinerary or let us help plan one for you, either way we will provide a fabulous experience giving you the unique opportunity to explore, taste and learn the history of Wine Country.